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men with hand showers bathingStep into Japan . . . Take a step into The Japanese Bath House and you're already in Japan. The tranquil rocks and bamboo of the garden entrance welcome you to complete relaxation experience. Slip your shoes off and get a kit of towels, scrubbing flannel, and kimono style robes.

There are two baths one for men and one for women. The upstairs wooden-theme bath or the downstairs stone-theme bath awaits you invitingly in natural light. Wash yourself from head to toe using a stool and bucket, then slip into the absolutely clean water heated to 40c-41c. Sit down, close your eyes and listen to the music of the water . . .

the tatami loungeTo compliment the tranquility of your Japanese bath, be invigorated by a sauna and cold shower. When finished, come out in your kimono style robe (we have many size robes to cover every body) to the tatami lounge. Lie down with a pillow or have a drink, perhaps a refreshing green tea, beer or even sake. Relax in peace by yourself, or chat with your friends, or treat yourself to the wonder of Shiatsu in the Shiatsu Room. After a nice long bath you will find your mind and body are beautifully relaxed and ready for Shiatsu to work its magic on your back, neck and shoulders . . .

After a couple of hours or so, you'll find your worries left behind you. People say that when they leave here, they talk more quietly and walk more gently and slowly. Many come to bathe regularly. You too will be revitalised by your Japanese Bath House experience. As one Japanese patron put it "Gochisou sama deshita" or "It was yummy!"

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